Global Studies in South Africa
Cape Town.jpg

In this this program we will engage with college administrators, students, and faculty about their experiences with higher education in South Africa, focusing on student affairs and the governmental policies that have influenced the development of South Africa's colleges and universities. Special attention will be given to the legacy of Apartheid on the nation's higher education system.

We will spend the majority of our time in Cape Town, a vibrant multicultural city with a rich history. Cape Town is also a microcosm of the challenges facing many African countries in transition – how to successfully operate within a global economy while grappling with the vast socioeconomic inequalities that are the legacy of the colonial and apartheid past.

Our program will include visits to the University of Cape Town, the University of Western Cape, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and Stellenbosch University; each institution having traditionally served different segments of the population within South Africa.